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Diabetes services offered in San Bernardino, CA

Diabetes is a chronic disease that needs ongoing medical care to manage and prevent complications. At Su Clinica Medical Group in San Bernardino, California, Jose de la Llana, MD, and the highly skilled team provide chronic care management for their patients with diabetes. The primary and general care practice includes health professionals fluent in English and Spanish, making comprehensive diabetes care accessible to the culturally diverse community. Call or schedule an appointment online. 

Diabetes Q&A

Can I get diabetes from eating too much sugar?

Diabetes is characterized by higher than normal blood sugar levels, but eating too much sugar doesn’t cause diabetes.

People with diabetes have a problem involving their insulin — the hormone that helps get sugar from the blood into the cells. Sugar, also called glucose, comes from food and is the main source of energy for all the cells in your body.

If you have diabetes, you either don’t make any insulin (Type 1 diabetes) or your insulin isn’t able to do its job (Type 2 diabetes). Most people with diabetes have Type 2. Though Type 2 diabetes affects people of all races and ethnicities, it’s more common in Hispanic and Latino populations.

Su Clinica Medical Group is a primary and general care practice that provides language accessible diabetes care for the Hispanic and Latino community. 

Many people with diabetes also have high blood pressure. Both diabetes and high blood pressure affect the health and function of vital organs like the heart and kidneys, increasing risk of health problems, including heart disease and kidney failure.

What tests diagnose diabetes?

The team at Su Clinica Medical Group offers onsite labs and features a hemoglobin A1C (A1C) machine to test for and diagnose diabetes. The A1C test measures your average blood sugar over three-months. Higher than normal A1C tests indicate diabetes. 

The A1C machine at Su Clinica Medical Group provides instant results. 

The team may also perform fasting blood sugar testing or a random blood sugar testing to diagnose diabetes. 

What can I do to manage my diabetes?

The team at Su Clinica Medical Group takes a patient-centered and whole-person approach to diabetes management. The providers customize plans based on your blood sugar numbers and diabetes-related health complications. 

Your plan may focus on lifestyle changes, such as eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight. Your provider may also prescribe medication to help control blood sugar. 

They schedule regular chronic disease management follow-up appointments to monitor your health, provide education, and adjust your plan as needed.

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