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Health care providers use labs to evaluate, diagnose, and monitor health. Dedicated to offering comprehensive and accessible medical services, Jose de la Llana, MD, and the highly skilled team at Su Clinica Medical Group in San Bernardino, California, provide in-office labs. Many of the lab tests available at the primary and general care practice offer fast results. Call today or make an appointment online to learn more about labs at Su Clinica Medical Group.

Labs Q&A

What should I know about labs?

Labs are medical services that evaluate samples of blood, urine, or tissue to assess health and diagnose diseases.

For patient convenience, Su Clinica Medical Group has in-office laboratory draw stations to collect and test samples. 

The team includes bilingual medical professionals fluent in English and Spanish, benefiting the health needs of the culturally diverse community. Onsite labs also make it easier for older patients to get the medical tests they need to manage their health.

What types of labs are available?

Su Clinica Medical Group offers many on-site labs, including tests not available at other clinics. Lab services include:


The team performs a urinalysis to screen for diabetes, check organ function, and diagnose urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Blood draw

Su Clinica Medical Group may take blood draws for blood tests like a complete blood count (CBC) to check for anemia or basic metabolic panel (BMP) to check fluid and electrolyte balance. 

Hemoglobin A1C (A1C)

The A1C test test diagnoses and monitors diabetes. Su Clinica Medical Group has its own A1C machine that provides immediate results. They’re the only clinic in the area offering this rapid test.

Glucose check

A glucose check is a blood test that checks your blood sugar levels. This test diagnoses and monitors diabetes.

10-minute strep test

If you come in with a sore throat and fever, the team may perform a 10-minute strep test to confirm or rule out a strep infection. 

COVID-19 rapid test

Su Clinica Medical Group also performs rapid COVID-19 testing to diagnose this highly contagious viral infection. 

H. pylori breath test

Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is a bacteria that infects the stomach. Su Clinica Medical Group has the breathID® H. pylori test — the fastest, easiest, and most accurate urea breath test (UBT) for diagnosing H. pylori. The test has more than 99% sensitivity and specificity and only takes 10-15 minutes. 

Pregnancy test

Su Clinica Medical Group also performs pregnancy tests.

When can I expect results from my labs?

Results from in-office labs at Su Clinica Medical Group depend on the type of testing performed. Some results are available immediately. However, if the team sends your blood or urine to a clinical lab, results may take a few days or weeks.

Su Clinica Medical Group offers services for private pay patients as well as those with Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Covered California, and most other PPO health insurance carriers. 

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