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Senior Care

Primary Care & General Practice located in San Bernardino, CA

Senior Care

Senior Care services offered in San Bernardino, CA

Older adults often have complex health issues that benefit from specialized senior care. At Su Clinica Medical Group in San Bernardino, California, Jose de la Llana, MD, and the highly skilled team provide compassionate and comprehensive senior care for their older patients. The bilingual team includes providers fluent in English and Spanish, making it easier for their diverse community to get the expert medical services they need. Call today or book an appointment online to learn more about senior care at Su Clinica Medical Group

Senior Care Q&A

What is senior care?

Senior care, also called geriatric care, is a highly specialized area of medicine that manages the health of older adults. As you get older, you're at increased risk of chronic health conditions. It’s not unusual for older adults to have two or more chronic health issues and take multiple prescription medications.

Senior care manages these complex health issues and prescribes medications to treat them. They also help their patients and caregivers get additional services to maintain their health and independence.

Su Clinica Medical Group is a primary, general, and chronic care management practice with providers specializing in senior care. The experienced and skilled team also includes Spanish-speaking providers who care for the senior Hispanic and Latino community.

I’m 65. Do I need senior care?

You may benefit from senior care at Su Clinica Medical Group if you’re 65 and have multiple health issues that affect your quality of life. However, not everyone needs senior care when they reach retirement age. 

Senior care primarily manages older adults with health issues that make it challenging to partake in daily life. 

Su Clinica Medical Group also assists caregivers and family members managing the complex health needs of their older relatives. The primary care practice takes most PPO health insurance plans, as well as patients with Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Covered California

They also see private pay patients.

What services are part of senior care?

The team at Su Clinica Medical Group customizes your senior care treatment plan based on your health needs and goals. Senior care services include:

Annual physicals

The information the team gathers at your annual physical exam helps the team understand your health so they can create effective wellness plans to manage it.

Chronic disease management

Su Clinica Medical Group specializes in chronic disease management, providing the monitoring, guidance, and care necessary to treat your chronic health issues. They treat all health challenges, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. 

Sick care

The primary care practice also provides sick care, treating colds and flu, rashes, and infections. 


Su Clinica Medical Group features an in-office lab, including urinalysis, blood draws, and rapid tests for COVID-19 and strep throat. The general practice is also the only clinic in the area with a hemoglobin A1C (A1C) machine that provides results within minutes.

Caregiver support

Su Clinica Medical Group takes care of the whole family, including the caregivers managing the health needs of their older relatives, offering information and how-to advice that benefit the caregiver and their loved one.

Call Su Clinica Medical Group today or book an appointment online to see if you’re eligible for senior care.